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Calm Waters


For any media inquiries, please contact me using this form.

In addition to my clinical expertise, I have an academic research and public policy background that includes examining ways to reduce HIV/STI disparities, improving behavioral health treatment systems for vulnerable populations, and analyzing popular media to ensure accurate depictions of substance use disorders in film and television. If you would like to learn more, this link includes a list of research article publications.



Tauheed Zaman, Leo Beletsky, Keith A. Hermanstyne. Prevention of opioid misuse and addiction through policy approaches.

In: Michael T. Compton, Marc W. Manseau, editors. The American opioid epidemic: from patient care to public health. Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Association Publishing; 2019. p.361-380.

Keith A. Hermanstyne. The media is the message: film and TV influences on Black mental health.


In: Donna M. Norris, Annelle B. Primm, editors. Mental health, racism, and contemporary challenges of being Black in America. Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Association Publishing; 2019. p.145-159.


Taking Care of Ourselves During COVID-19 (panel)

2:44 - 9:17


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